It’s the last day of “Osaka Castle Gokujo Ramen Street 2023. Let’s enjoy tasty ramen while being rubbed by a lot of people.


I went to the Osaka Castle Gokujo Ramen Street.
I went on November 26, 2023, the last day of the event.

▼Click here for the official website

JR大阪城公園駅前「大阪城極上ラーメンストリート」読売テレビ社屋・周辺「極上スイーツPARTY in 城まち」開催!ステージイベントや人気番組ブースも盛りだくさん♪第1幕11月17日(金)~19日(日) 第2幕11月23日(木・祝)~26日...

I’m on my way to the site.

Take the JR Osaka Loop Line from Shin-Imamiya Station to Osaka-jo Koen Station.

When you exit the ticket gates of Osaka-jo Koen Station…

Arrival at the venue. As expected on the last day, there were many people..!

Right in front of us was the venue for Osaka Castle Gokujo Ramen Street.
As you can see, there were a huge number of visitors on the last day of the event.

Actually, I had been to Osaka Castle Park the day before for another matter, but the number of people was clearly different.
I guess the last day of an event is the day when the number of people increases.

▲This is the crowd on the last day of the event, November 26, after 12:00 p.m.
▲This is the crowd at 11:50 on 11/25, the day before the last day of the event.

First, buy a ticket at the ticket booth.
A bowl of ramen was 1,000 yen.

I also received a bad breath prevention tablet with my ticket. I am very happy with their thoughtfulness.

There are 10 ramen stores.
Take your ticket to the store of your choice and exchange it for ramen.

It seems that the stores were switched between Act 1 and Act 2.
This photo was taken on 11/26, so this is the store that opened during Act 2.

This time I had the Basil Tonkotsu Ramen by 「Ore no Namae J ✕ Ramen Choro」.

As with all restaurants, the staff seemed to be very busy and hard at work as the line was long.

It was a cold day, but I was waiting for my ramen, thinking how hot it must be to be so busy in the tent making ramen. Thank you for your hard work…

The noodles were a little hard and chewy, which I liked.

It was very delicious.
Thank you very much.

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