The beauty of the nighttime illumination of Fukuyama Castle captivated me! The magic of the night presented in photos


The other day, I went to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture on a business trip.

*Here is the story of how I ate authentic Hiroshima-yaki at that time.

Walking near Fukuyama Station at night, you will see Fukuyama Castle beautifully illuminated.

Apparently, they were commemorating the 400th anniversary of the construction of Fukuyama Castle.

I could only go there at night time, but since I was there, I went for a walk.
It was a little scary to see the castle at night when no one was there, but I was fascinated by the beauty of the lights.

Attraction of the night view of Fukuyama Castle woven by light and shadow

It is located right behind Fukuyama Station, less than a minute’s walk away.

Since it was illuminated instead of illuminated, it was not flashy, but it matched the atmosphere of the castle and was very beautiful.

The area around the keep was nicely maintained and easy to walk around, which made a good impression.

There are few streetlights, so it is a little worrisome to come here at night, but it was lit up at that time, so it was not completely dark.

It was about 8:30 at night at this time, and it must be rare to be able to get so close and take pictures at this time of night…

The contrast of black and white is very beautiful.
I spent a lot of time thinking about how a lord used to live in such a large building, and the time passed so quickly.

Without any prior knowledge, I just took pictures because it was so beautiful.

See you then.

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