We had authentic Hiroshima-yaki at an okonomiyaki restaurant under the guard of Fukuyama Station. It is fun to watch the powerful cooking process on the teppan!


I went to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture on a business trip.

Since we are here, we eat okonomiyaki.

Here is the location of the restaurant we went to

The restaurant is called “Hiroshima-yaki Katsunari(広島焼 勝成)” located under the guard of JR Fukuyama Station.

Fukuyama Station is a good location because the Shinkansen bullet train stops there.

I’m actually going to try it.

A large sign as tall as a person is in front of the store, making it very conspicuous.

We walked in and were shown to a table with a griddle.
As the GoogleMap reviews say, it is a bit for regulars.

In my case, I waited about 30 minutes for my okonomiyaki to be served.
The other people sitting there, who seemed to be regulars, seemed to have anticipated this and ordered a side menu and waited leisurely.
The side menu came out rather early.

▲It’s “Nikutama-Soba(肉玉そば)” Hiroshima-yaki is good with buckwheat noodles in it.

The surrounding soba noodles are crispy, crunchy and delicious.

In Osaka-style okonomiyaki, the dough with ingredients is mixed before baking, but Hiroshima-yaki is baked in layers without mixing.

It is quite healthy, with plenty of vegetables, and it looks spectacular.

It was very delicious.

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